Introducing Pop Culture Fae

by Miller C. Lashbrook

Hello, and welcome to Pop Culture Fae. You have found my own little corner of the internet. Pop Culture Fae will be a place where entertainment and art can be discussed through the context of LGBTQ+ nerdom. I will also have updates on my journey as a writer.

As entertainment becomes more diverse and inclusive I believe that it is important to create spaces online where all kinds of people can come together to discuss their favorite fandoms and new steps forward; my hope is that Pop Culture Fae can become one of those places.

Now I want to share a little about myself. I am Miller C. Lashbrook. I am a young queer writer and teacher. Creative ideas keep me up at night (in addition to mine and my partner’s three ferrets). I pride myself on being someone who enjoys many forms of media by my primary touch points are comic books, animated films, science fiction, and fantasy. I would consider myself a movie-buff and I look forward to seeing the “Top 10 things coming to [insert streaming service here] next month” at the end of each month. I have a degree in Creative Writing and I spend my day teaching English Language Arts to high school students.

As I write I will share more of my story and my journey as a writer and navigating pop culture as a member of the queer community. So, I welcome you to stick around, enjoy, and enter the forest of the fae.

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