Netflix’s Umbrella Academy Season 1 Review

by Miller C. Lashbrook

With the sophomore season of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy premiering on the service on Friday, my partner and I realized that we had some catching up to do, neither of us having seen the first season yet. Spoilers ahead!

Some speculative fiction content tries to pull from its inspiration and in the process turns out derivative in the process. Umbrella Academy however takes cue from many popular franchises and stories, mixes them together with its own flare, and comes out with a show that is unique in its own right while also being a love letter to what has come before.

When the first episode of the show was finished I had one primary thought: this show was what would happen if Wes Anderson was given a super hero show. While this style and aesthetic remained, each episode seemed to borrow little bits and pieces from content I love such as Series of Unfortunate Events, Heroes, the Dark Phoenix Saga, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and the Runaways. All of these influences were matched with a soundtrack to match.

The real heavy lifting in the show is not the plot however, but rather the characters and the direction. The direction not only gives the show a distinct style, but also does a fantastic job of planting and then sowing the seeds of a great time travel mystery.

The actors have done a fantastic job bringing complex and broken characters to life in organic and fantastic ways. My personal favorites are Klaus, Cha-Cha, 5, and Vanya.

To top off a great season, the cliff-hanger ending leaves me only wanting more. Thank goodness that I do not have to wait for a season two, like I know many did.

All-in-all if you are someone who love time travel or super heroes (me) with a unique flavor, this is the show for you. 5/5 Twinkles ✨

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