Weekly Writing Update: August 9, 2020

by Miller Lashbrook

This week was more productive and less productive in other ways when it comes to writing. Tomorrow I go back to work teaching, so I decided to take it easy this week. I worked on writing three days this week. In the whole week I wrote over 1,500 words, so 1000 short of what I should be writing to meet my 500 every weekday. Although I did reach my chapter goal of the week, and surpassed it.

This week I was able to revise, update, add to, and in some cases write from scratch, chapters two through four of The Duel (my current manuscript). I hit a mental block for a couple days with chapter five, but I now know where to go with it. With this current pace I should be able to finish this new draft by the end of the year.

Since I am starting work again this week, I am going to keep the 500 words a day goal, but in terms of chapters I am going to set the goal of finishing chapter five. Chapter five is going to be a fun chapter to write since it will involve writing from the POV of i chapter I have not before. One who very much has a chaotic neutral outlook on life.

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