Weekly Writing Update: August 29, 2020

by Miller C. Lashbrook

Hello, nice to see you again. Wow! These past couple of weeks have been a lot. Going back to school is always a little crazy for both teachers and students. This year however, has been wild with all of the new procedures and changes related to digital and hybrid learning thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As I talked about in a previous blog post, working full time and writing is not easy under normal circumstances. I have been coming home so drained emotionally and physically, so I have myself until the end of this first week with students.

What sparked that writing energy back in me was my own lesson in my Creative Writing classes. I had my students write for 15 minutes straight as part of a lesson on how to combat writer’s block. I decided that I would write for those minutes too. That spark of writing seemed to melt the stress of the week away. I knew that writing was what would save me from the pressure, rather than being an additional stressor.

This coming week I want to get back into my regular writing. I am going to give myself the goal of just 250 words a day for now and then increase in the weeks to follow.

P.S. I am thinking a lot about the loss of Chadwick Boseman last night. I think the best way to honor him on this blog will be to do a retrospective on Black Panther and his role in the MCU, so that will be coming sometime this week.

Wankanda Forever!

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