MCU Review: WandaVision – Episode 3

by Miller C. Lashbrook

Stunning, emotional, and jaw-dropping are three words that I would use to describe episode 3 of WandaVision, titled “Now in Color”. If you are not already the band wagon for this show, get on now, because the train has already left the station, made all its stops, transformed into a rocket, and blasted into space. I cannot say much about the episode without encountering spoilers, so my last non-spoiler comment will be that this is easily becoming one of my favorite things the MCU has ever done.

Spoilers Below:

Episodes 1 and 2 are homages to the golden age of sitcoms, but wow, now we are getting into the meat of the show. There is so much to dig into in terms of my theories and fangirling below, so I have sectioned my spoiler section. First I will talk about my thoughts on Wanda and Vision and their journey as characters, then you will find a little bit about Billy and Tommy, and then lastly a section breaking down my current theories for the show.

Our “Unusual Couple”:

As a fan of Wanda Maximoff and Vision in the comics as well as their MCU counter parts, I am very much enjoying getting to spend a half an hour or more each week with these characters. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are killing every scene that they are in. I love their on screen chemistry together and the way that Olsen can flip facial expressions and emotions so quickly is impeccable *chefs kiss*. The moment where Wanda mentions her brother, Pietro, and sings a Sokovian lullaby to her newborn sons only to snap at Geraldine (Monica) a moment later for mentioning Ultron, easily became tied with her “you took everything from me” moment in Avengers: Endgame as her best moment as a character in the MCU, so far. Vision’s curiosity around the town and its residents is a great plot for him and constantly has me questioning whether he is under Wanda’s control or acting on his own.

The Twins 2.0:

Okay… Let me just take a moment to talk about just how happy I was to see Billy and Tommy on screen for the first time. For those that have not read the comics, Billy will grow up to become the Young Avenger Wiccan and Tommy will grow up to become Speed. Wiccan is (and has been for some time) one of my top ten favorite comic book characters, and he and Teddy are my favorite LGBT couple in comics for sure. To see this character I love literally be born into the MCU was such a treat; I was constantly smiling the entire episode both times I watched because I was so happy. I am quite eager to see if the accelerated pregnancy becomes accelerated childhood for the twins as we continue through the decades of sitcoms. Whatever happens to these precious “enhanced” babies, I will do whatever I can as a fan to protect them.

Theories going forward:

Okay, I have so many theories, I do not even know where to start. The two biggest questions hanging over the show are:

  1. Who created this world ?
  2. Who is in control of the world?

The second question seems to be somewhat unveiling itself. We know that Wanda is at least in control to some extent, seemingly changing clothes with her powers (this also could have been Billy, though), rewinding at the end of episode 2, and throwing Geraldine (Monica) out of the town. I am still not convinced that Wanda is the only one in control however, because the glitch with Vision in this episode was different than the tape rewinding in episode 2. Also, the voice on the radio last week asked, “Wanda, who is doing this to you?” which would tell me that S.W.O.R.D. knows about some third party. All Agnes is so sus, telling Herb to “stop it!” when he was about to say something about the town.

Side note, shoutout to @AKARELK on Twitter for pointing out that the High Evolutionary’s given name is Herbert.

In terms of the first question, I know some online have mentioned the possibility of Hydra being the third party because of the commercials in episodes 2 and 3, and others have mentioned AIM because of all of the hexagons and the beekeeper. However, I am still convinced that the sitcom Westview’s creation has something to do with Wanda seeking a way to get Vision back. My fiancĂ© did point out that Endgame seems to end with Wanda content with the passing of her android lover, but I think that something between that movie and the show had to have sparked some desire in Wanda to bring back Vision, and when things went wrong, maybe something involving Wonder Man (the donor of Vision’s brain patterns in the comics) Wanda goes mad and creates the pocket reality that we are seeing.

Right now I am currently reading the ’85 Vision and the Scarlet Witch miniseries and I think I am going to make a post regarding how it could relate to the show, later this week.

I am enjoying the ride that is WandaVision and I cannot wait to see what episode 4 has in store. Episode 3 5/5 storks from me.

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