Weekly Writing Update: June 17 2022

by Miller C. Lashbrook

This past week has been quite the productive week for me overall, but especially as a writer.

Last Thursday, I submitted a short story I have been holding onto for quite a while for review with a literary magazine. This should take some time to hear back, but I have always heard from creatives that you never want to just wait on a project; you want to work on something else while you wait to hear back, and that’s what I did.

I started working on a short film concept with a friend and we successfully finished the first draft of the script this week. It will definitely need a few rounds of revisions, but we are planning to submit it to a local independent film competition.

In addition to that, on Tuesday I revisited a short story that I had half finished. I had just lost steam on it while writing it before, but I was able to finish the first draft. I am hoping in the next week to get some feedback on it from some writer friends so that I can begin revising it. I am hoping to submit it as well.

I also have several project ideas that I explored this week. I am really thinking that if I can use this time off from teaching this summer as a time to finish pieces and send them out. If I cast a wide enough net, something is sure to catch!

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