Movie Review: Lightyear

Credit: Pixar

by Miller C. Lashbrook

Lightyear is a way better movie than people shared upon its release. It is a shame that this movie did not get more attention. I can see Andy sitting in the movie theater watching this very 90’s feeling science fiction/action film and wanting to get the toy after, thinking that while Cowboys were a cool thing of the past, space is the future. If you go into the movie with that idea in mind, I think you will really enjoy it.


I have heard the movie described as a family version of Interstellar and I totally see that. This movie utilizes time dilation in a great story way. This movie is a great look at how those focused on progress and ambition can leave the ones they love behind. I actually see a lot of Buzz’s arc in what my father has gone through recently. He was so focused on his career and supporting the family as his kids grew up that he missed it. He was doing the work for them, but missed us in the process. Now he has a grandkid, and a chance to do it over, so be there for a kid, when he couldn’t before. In this regard, I think this movie will sit with me, it will be something I continue to think about long after.

In addition to these themes, visually this is a stunning movie. This movie is as if old science fiction books covers had a baby with Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. The pre-fabricated look of the planet base that slowly evolves over time is almost a character of its own. I can totally picture Andy’s rich friend having thick plastic play sets and toys of the different rangers in their different color suits.

If you are still reading this and you have not watched the movie, I definitely would say that you should give the movie a try on Disney+.

4.5/5 Robot Cats 🐈

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