TV Review: House of the Dragon – Episode 2

Credit: HBO

by Miller C. Lashbrook

House of the Dragon continues to bring me right back into the old feeling of watching Game of Thrones this week. I really enjoyed the continued character dynamics explored in this episode, specifically that of the Small Counsel and the Royal Family. Princess Rhaenyra is quickly showing that she is not Dany, Arya, or Sansa, but her own young Game of Thrones woman. I am excited to see where they take her character next. I think my favorite part of the episode was definitely our new opening credits, featuring the Game of Thrones theme and blood running through the King’s model of Valyria.


The majority of this episode centers around the growing tensions in Westeros in the fallout of the king naming the princess as heir. The tensions are growing within the small council and the royal family. They are doing a great job of showing that the king is trying to make what he thinks is the best decision, but ends up being one that may lead to his end. I would venture to guess that at some point Daemon will end up killing his brother.

I do not have too much in detail to say about this episode other than that the show continues to impress in the level of detail, acting, set design, and character-driven storytelling.

4.5/5 Dragon Eggs 🥚

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