MCU Review: She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – Episode 6

Credit: Marvel Studios

by Miller C. Lashbrook

This show continues to stick to its tone and genre with episode 6, titled “Just Jen”. This week is a sort of “bottle episode” with a self contained “ill-timed” as the show says, wedding episode. After the tease we got last week and the fourth wall break at the beginning of this one, it almost feels like the show is aware that there are some people only tuning in for cameos and it is toying with them, and I kind of love that.


This show continues to ask more questions than it can answer. I fear that the show is creating another WandaVision type of situation where there are so many questions being left to be answered until the finale, but then the finale cannot deliver. It is starting to feel like there are more questions than 3 more episodes can answer. We need to know about all these creepy men who seem suspect, we need to get Daredevil, we need to know why Bruce went to space, and we need to know who wants Jen’s blood and for what. It does feel like the very nature of this show is built to care less about the MCU connections and more about Jen’s personal journey.

I think my biggest question right now that I want answered is really just, what led Titania to fight Jen in the first episode? Why did she break into the court room? There does not currently seem to be an obvious answer for this. Getting this answer might make some of the sloppy plotlines fall into place. My current theory is that The Leader was monitoring Bruce when the car crash happened, which led to him leading to hiring Titania (who was maybe an experiment of his) to attack Jennifer and force her to reveal herself to the public.

I am enjoying Titania as a villain but without knowing her true intentions and motivations, she just comes across as too silly, compared to the threat of the Intellegenica introduced in this episode.

Last week I hoped that the quality of episode 6 would be on par with episode 4. That did not happen, but I did like this one a little more than last weeks’. I enjoy the show for what it is as a half-hour legal comedy, but I need more questions answered.

3.5/5 Drops of Gamma Blood 🩸

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