Star Wars Review: Andor – Episode 5

Credit: Lucasfilm

by Miller C. Lashbrook

If this episode does nothing, which definitely does things, it gives audiences the single most terrifying moment with a tie-fighter seen on screen. This episode is a slow character drama that elegantly builds off of the momentum from episode four to tee up what should be an exciting episode 6. With this episode it seems like we are now learning the flow of the show, three episode arcs with two episodes of set up, and an episode that wraps up the arc. Now that I have an idea of what to expect each week, I am really settling into enjoying this show as a slow-burn, political/spy, character drama.


This episode gives us one primary plot, with four subplots that seem to thematically serve Cassian’s A plot. This episode the highlight for me with Cassian’s story had to be the drama and mistrust between him and the other rebels, the beautiful shooting location of the Scottish Highlands, and the moment with the Tie-Fighter. My props have to go to the sound designers for making the sound of a tie-fighter so oppressive to the audience that we fear for the characters as soon as we begin to hear the ship. The ship is a reminder that even in what seems like the middle of nowhere, the Empire is always watching.

Not too much progresses for the B plots, but we do get some great character moments. We learn that Syril and his mother have quite a contentious relationship. We learn that Mon Mothma’s husband is not completely oblivious to the ways of Empire politics as he subtly uses actions to kind of apologize for being a jerk. And we see that Luthen need a little more of what rebellions are built on, hope.

Thematically, this episode seems to really focus on the idea that not all rebels are in it for hope, as we might be led to believe in Rogue One and A New Hope. Rebellions are sometimes for revenge, money, power, and even vanity. If this show can continue to dive deeper into these themes, I think it could come out as one of the most nuanced pieces of live-action Star Wars content we have ever seen.

4/5 Droids 🤖

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