TV Review: House of the Dragon – Episode 8

Credit: HBO

by Miller C. Lashbrook

We have another episode of amazing television this week with House of the Dragon. This episode’s stand out is for sure Paddy Considine as King Viserys. He has been fantastic each week, but this week he really outs on a show stopping performance.


We say goodbye to Viserys this week with a haunting end to his reign. This episode really feels like one long goodbye. He wants one last family gathering before he says goodbye, hoping to burry the hatchet, but he surely only made things worse.

I does seem that for a moment Rhaenyra and Allicent may have forgiven each other for a moment, but their children did not. It would seem that their children have picked up their feud just fine, which will definitely carry on into the next season and seasons to come.

The standout moment for me this episode was the throne room scene, between entrance of Viserys and the brutal execution of Vaemond Velaryon by Daemon. I think that was one of the most brutal kills that we have ever scene on this show or Game of Thrones.

I cannot believe that there are only two more episodes this season, but I am very excited to see how things wrap up, because any good Game of Thrones fan knows that the penultimate and final episode of each season usually gave some of the best television.

5/5 Dragon Eggs ūü•ö

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