Star Wars Review: Andor – Episodes 6-8

Credit: Lucasfilm

by Miller C. Lashbrook

This show has only gotten better with each week. It has been a great slow burn with every three episodes colliding with a bang. Episodes 1-3 can best be described as a spy thriller, episodes 4-6 a heist, and episodes 7-9 seem to be shaping up to come back to the spy thriller with a dash of politics. This show was slow to start with the first few episodes but now I find myself excited to watch each week as more and more of the pieces are seeming to click together.


Episode 6 is one long tension-filled story from start to finish as the rebels complete their heist on Aldahni. Twist and turns come one after the other to shock the audience and raise the stakes. This episode really closes the door of the first half the seasons and sets Cassian, Vel, Sinta on their paths for the second half of the show. The direction of this episode really stands out with the way tension is built.

Episode 6: 5/5 Droids 🤖

Episode seven was the beginning of a new arc and follows the fallout of the Aldahni heist. I love that we see how one small rebellious act is discussed throughout the Empire by both the ISB, commoners, and politicians.

Episode 7: 4.5/5 Droids 🤖

This week’s episode is a great tension builder and we are really starting to see the pieces falling into place, with character meeting and interacting that have thus far stayed separate. For the first time this week, it really seems like the audience is following one long narrative that is interconnected. With the end of House of the Dragon season 1 earlier this week, I am so glad that we still have a political genre show to watch.

Episode 8: 4.5/5 Droids 🤖

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