Pop Culture Fae Podcast – Episode 21: Halloween Movie Bracket ft. Zach Marion

In this week’s episode of the Pop Culture Fae Podcast, Zach Marion joins me for a Halloween Movie Bracket. You can listen to it now wherever you get your podcasts.

MCU Review: Werewolf By Night

by Miller C. Lashbrook YES!! This Halloween Special from Marvel was the perfect second course for the Halloween season this year. This special is all classic horror, all camp, and all fun. Great acting, great directing, great effects, and of course great music. I really think this special will be a gateway for a lotContinue reading “MCU Review: Werewolf By Night”

Comic Review: Carnage (2016) #1-16 by Gerry Conway

By Miller C. Lashbrook This series was such a pleasant surprise. I have never been a big Venom or Carnage fan when they are not in a Spider-Man story. However, I wanted to read this series because I know it set up some things in Absolute Carnage. This series is a thrilling combination of PredatorContinue reading “Comic Review: Carnage (2016) #1-16 by Gerry Conway”

Movie Review: NOPE

by Miller C. Lashbrook NOPE is a piece of art. Watching this movie was like being chased through a wonderful art installation. As you move from room to room and learn more the story puts itself together and makes more sense, but you are also afraid for your life. If you are someone who enjoysContinue reading “Movie Review: NOPE”

Movie Review: Candyman (2021)

by Miller C. Lashbrook Nia DaCosta’s Candyman is the perfect spiritual successor to the 1992 film with fitting social commentary for today and a visual aesthetic on the level of the best that cinema has to offer. Last October my fiancé and I made a list of horror and supernatural movies to watch leading upContinue reading “Movie Review: Candyman (2021)”