Life Update: June 11 2022 – Am I Crazy Enough to Start a Podcast?

by Miller C. Lashbrook

So, hear me out… I have this blog, I am trying to write more often (scripts, blogs, and fiction), and I am planning to switch from teaching to working in film. On top of all of that, am I also crazy enough to start a Pop Culture Fae Podcast?


So, it starts with Amazon. I am clicking through to check on my delivery and I see a suggested product: a podcasting start kit. I am thinking, is this a sign? Do I need to add a podcast into my arsenal?

Now this is not a new thought. Every since I discovered podcasts in college I thought that it would be a fun side hustle. But all the podcasts that I listen to have two people AND a theme. I have myself and I have a theme… well I have an idea. I am thinking that I take the spirit of what this blog is meant to be: a place to view pop culture through the lens of the Fae, the lens of the LGBTQ+ community, and I use the podcast to bring in other voices. I could bring on my best friend, a theatre teacher, to talk about representation in theatre. I could bring on a friend to talk about her experience as a black queer nerd. So, my thinking is that I do not need a co-host, but instead I can bring on guests to discuss queerness in Pop Culture.

Well… as always, wish me luck.

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