Life Update: June 11 2022 – Am I Crazy Enough to Start a Podcast?

by Miller C. Lashbrook So, hear me out… I have this blog, I am trying to write more often (scripts, blogs, and fiction), and I am planning to switch from teaching to working in film. On top of all of that, am I also crazy enough to start a Pop Culture Fae Podcast? Yes…? So,Continue reading “Life Update: June 11 2022 – Am I Crazy Enough to Start a Podcast?”

Life Update: June 8th 2022

by Miller C. Lashbrook So… It has been nearly nine months since I have made a blog post, but wow have things been a whirlwind. I thought that the 2020-2021 school year was a beast of a year to work in education… I had not idea what was in store for me in the 2021-2022.Continue reading “Life Update: June 8th 2022”

Life Update: September 17 2020

by Miller C. Lashbrook Hello Pop Culture Fae. I know the forest of the fae has been quiet. The school year is starting to settle with students finding their groove with digital learning. I have continued to consume entertainment in the last 6 weeks, though of course at a much slower rate. I have keptContinue reading “Life Update: September 17 2020”

Writing and Working Full-Time

by Miller C. Lashbrook Today I wanted to write a post about writing while working full-time. At some point in a writer’s life they will have to write while also working full-time. It is inevitable. I had a professor in college that would say, “you have to ask yourself, how are you going to makeContinue reading “Writing and Working Full-Time”