Life Update: 4/22/23

by Miller C. Lashbrook

It has been almost six months since I have written and posted a true blog post on Pop Culture Fae. This update will serve as a recommitment. Since January of this year much of my free time outside of my day as a teacher has been dedicated to Co-directing the spring musical, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Since the production has concluded, I will once again have the time to post on the blog again.

I will once again be making posts on here whenever a new podcast episode is out. I also plan to make my current goal, as the school year is still in session, to make at least one non-podcast-related blog post a week.

Since my last update, I have begun the process of querying literary agents. As I go through this process if I have any updates on that matter, I will definitely post those here as well. In the meantime, I am thinking about starting to share some short stories and smaller pieces of writing here on the blog for anyone to be able to see a sample.

The blog will not be quite back to the 5-7 posts a week that I was making last summer, but this is recommitment using this blog as a space to share my interesting musings about pop culture and the writing process.

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