Life Update: June 8th 2022

by Miller C. Lashbrook

So… It has been nearly nine months since I have made a blog post, but wow have things been a whirlwind.

I thought that the 2020-2021 school year was a beast of a year to work in education… I had not idea what was in store for me in the 2021-2022. It was almost like my first year teaching all over again. He I was teaching a 10th grade English to many students who had not been in a classroom since middle school. Because of the challenges we tackled though, I think this year was also the most rewarding. I really saw students grow and develop their skills (and in some case a love) of writing and literature.

This school year I also became increasingly more involved in the theatre program on my campus, even taking on the role of director for the first time since high school.

This process was my awakening.

It is like the last eight years of my life I have been on my Odyssey back home. I graduated high school having written multiple scripts, directed scenes and even one of the scripts I had written, and loving film. My muse was telling me to study film… but I didn’t listen to her. I listened to fear (and to parents). My dream… my passion was left behind and it has taken four years of college and four years of teaching to find my way back to it.

So… now that I have that dream back, what am I to do? It’s time to get to work. Summer 2022 is going to be a season of reorientation. I am going to be working to regularly write in this blog, not only life updates like these, tracking my journey (hopefully now from teacher to film maker), but also more review/thoughts on the things that I love. It will also be a season of finishes. Finishing drafts and ideas that have been banging around in my skull during this past year of rediscovery.

Wish me luck! ✨

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