The Podcasting Process – The Beginning

by Miller C. Lashbrook

If you have not seen, I have officially launched the Pop Culture Fae Podcast (see link below for post regarding my first episode). I thought that it would be fun for me and informative for others if I make occasional blog posts about my process of creating the Pop Culture Fae Podcast.

Making the first podcast episode was a process filled with so many emotions. Of course it was exciting. I hastily wrote my podcast outline, made my Anchor account, and bought myself a microphone. But as an avid listener of podcasts the process was also insanely nerve racking. My inner voice was trying to tell me, “this is gonna be horrible” or “nobody wants to here your thoughts.” But I pushed that down and did it anyway and it was a blast! It was like being able to take my nerdy interests, my knowledge as a writer, and my speaking skills from teaching and combine them all in this auditory format that I enjoy so much.

Funny enough I think the hardest part of the process (besides the tech aspects) was picking the music to use throughout the episode. I wanted to strike the right balance of fun and whimsy that the fae would love.

The next step in the process will now be getting listeners and bringing on guests. I am hoping that the blog, Instagram, and Twitter will all be ways to draw in new listeners to the podcast. For guests on the podcast, I am first going to start by bringing on some friends that could provide some unique perspectives on the realm of pop culture.

Lastly, I have to mention how amazing it felt to have that episode on Spotify. Even if nobody listens to it, I know that I had an idea, I executed it, and I finished it; I am sure anyone creative knows that there are always ideas that become projects but may never finish. So, having an idea and making it happen all in about a week or so, feels amazing and gives me even more drive to keep making it happen.

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