MCU Review: Ms. Marvel – Episode 2

Credit: Marvel Studios

by Miller C. Lashbrook

If the first episode of Ms. Marvel set the charming tone for the series, this episode leans into it. This show continues to combine the vibe of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Lizzie Maguire, and Love, Simon into one show that is endearing and sweet. I want to have these characters as friends or students because they just seem like the nicest people. If you passed on episode one of Ms. Marvel these first two together will be a great watch back to back to get you hooked on the show.


This episode starts to build the mythology behind the MCU’s Ms. Marvel powers in a really interesting way. But having Kamala’s powers come from her heritage rather than space royalty experiments (the inhumans) brings the struggle of heritage and zeitgeist at the forefront of the show. As a fan of heroes Kamala has always struggled with balancing her love of the fantastic with her connection to her family and these powers are the perfect way. Additionally, working in the real world history of the partition of India and Pakistan makes the themes echo even louder.

We meet a new character in today’s episode, Kamran. His introduction brings a change to the relationship dynamic between Kamala and Bruno with her having a new crush; Kamran’s introduction also brings some intrigue with her powers and the DODC plot lines. He seems to know about her powers and he knew that she would be in trouble at the end of the episode. I am not too sure how exactly he is factoring into this plot, but it would seem that next week we may get even more unraveling into the history of enhanced people from South Asia and the Middle East.

With this show charm is still the thing making me smile the whole time. I could not help but grin ear to ear when Kamala danced at home after meeting Kamran or how embarrassed she was to see her brother while she was out. The cuteness (in the best of ways) that this show has, cannot be beat.

5/5 Hard Light Constructs ⚡️

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