MCU Review: Ms. Marvel – Episode 3

by Miller C. Lashbrook

Episode three of Ms. Marvel continues to cast a charm with its mixture of young adult and superhero. With an interesting cold open, expanded world-building, and growing tension, the third episode of Ms. Marvel continues to be a great new entry into the MCU.


Most good middle entries in a streaming series are meant to answer a few questions, but ask even more. I have three primary questions after this episode: Who are Clandestine? Why doesn’t Kamala see that Bruno has a crush on her? and TEN RINGS??

  1. Who are Clandestine? So, I have read my fair share of Marvel Comics, not nearly as many as some fans, but a lot. I also used to spend many nights in middle school reading all the small entries in my Marvel Encyclopedia; but I have no idea who Clandestine are. Before episode four comes out I will have to look into exactly who this group is in the comics. It would seem that in the MCU however, they are a group of Djinn from this Noor Dimension. They are trapped on Earth and cannot get home without great power. They intend to use Kamala’s bangle as a way home. The opening cold-open scene does so much to establish our primary antagonist and the backstory of Kamala’s powers. Additional question: Who has the “other” bangle?
  2. Why doesn’t Kamala see that Bruno has a crush on her? Poor Bruno. He is trying so hard to be a good friend for Kamala, even going so far to dive into scientific journals and history. The show feels like it is setting Bruno and Kamala up to part ways at the end of this season. I can see him going to Caltech at the end as Kamala goes to be in the Marvels only for them to reunite later in the MCU when he is even smarter and able to help her even more.
  3. TEN RINGS??? In the opening scene in addition to getting more of the back story of Kamala’s family and Clandestine, we see the symbol of the Ten Rings on the floor of the chamber they are in. Also, was the arm the bangle was on, blue? I will be intrigued to see how this all connects. Does this connect to the signal the Ten Rings were giving off in the mid-credits scene of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings?

The pace of this episode is a little slower than the first two and there is less of the drawn visuals I enjoyed so much in the first two episodes, but the heart, culture, humor, and adventure are all still there. This show is shaping up to be a fantastic entry in Phase 4 of the MCU.

4.5/5 Hard Light Constructs ⚡️

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