Weekly Writing Update: June 24th, 2022

by Miller C. Lashbrook

So, this week was a tough we for writing. This past weekend was a wild one with my best friend having her bachelorette party. Monday through Wednesday I was at an education conference. And the state of United States politics this week has also not made for the most mentally calming environment. This week more than anything else has been an ideal week for my creative writing. Much of the actual writing I have done this week has been for the blog and podcast.

Two weeks ago I submitted a short story of mine to a literary magazine. I have not yet heard back about it, so alas, I continue to wait and push forward with other projects.

I am not sure if being on my summer break has freed up my creative juices or if blogging regularly again has me thinking more creatively, but my brain has been rapid-firing script and story ideas recently. It seems like I have found my mojo again when it comes to creativity. I find myself watching TikToks or seeing artwork on Twitter and turning them into story ideas of Dungeons and Dragons encounter ideas. I find that more and more my brain’s reaction to political nonsense is to think about how I can make a story to show how I feel. It feels with my recent self-reflection I am starting to coalesce into this combination of the creativity I once had but lost and the more organized professional teaching has taught me to be. To put it in comic book terms, it feels like I am discovering my second mutation. I am Jean with telepathy and telekinesis.

I once was all creative, but no organization. I would get a story idea, and think on it, but not write it down or put it to paper. Then, in the past four years, I have found that I have been so focused on work and staying organized, that I am not sure my brain has had the space to get creative. But now, I think I am beginning to find that perfect middle where I feel productive and creative. Now, I just have to work to sustain this; I need to ensure that this is not just a phase this summer, but a new norm for me as I go into a transformative school year for me.

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