MCU Review: Ms. Marvel – Episode 4

Credit: Marvel Studios

by Miller C. Lashbrook

Episode four of Ms. Marvel is another fun chapter in our Kamala Khan adventure! This show continues to really dive head first into Kamala as a character and how they are interpreting her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With this episode following Kamala to Karachi, Pakistan, this episode turns into a global action-adventure in the best of ways.


This episode seems to have two primary purposes for the narrative: expanding the tension in Kamala’s personal relationships and widening her understanding of her powers and the world.

Kamala’s relationship with her mother continues to become more strained in episode four. She still is hiding her powers from her mother, who we learn has a strained relationship with Kamala’s grandmother because of her beliefs about Djinn and the Noor Dimension. In terms of story-telling, it is safe to say that Kamala will probably reveal her powers to her mother by the end of this season, though it may not be on purpose.

The other personal relationship that is not mentioned in the episode, but this episode brings further tension to is that of Kamala and Bruno. Bruno is absent from this whole episode, but I can imagine that he is worried about Kamala as she is gone. He is also unaware of Kamala’s flirtation with Red Dagger, who is now a third potential boyfriend for Kamala. I will be curious to see what his reaction is to her adventure abroad when she returns home.

Now, for the world-building, in this episode, we and Kamala learn more about the Noor Dimension and the Djinn from the Red Daggers. We learn that Djinn is a catch-all term that the Pakistani people use to refer to any extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional beings with the line, “if Thor had landed in the Himalayas, we would call him a Djinn.” We also learn that the Noor Dimension and its people have an agenda to bring their light to the terrestrial world and take it over. So this sets up two conflicting narratives of why the ClanDestine are on Earth. Are they exiles or are they invaders? I think the conflict of the narrative is interesting because this is the common conflicting narrative that politicians in the United States will use to describe immigrants. With only two episodes left in the season, I am slightly skeptical about how many of our questions will be answered.

The ending of the episode seems to end with Kamala being sent back in time to the Partition of 1947. I am not sure if the time-traveling will take up all of the next episodes, but we still have many questions. Also, Kamala needs to return to New Jersey.

Also, a little side note. When we cut to the DODC Supermax prison, the establishing shot confirms that the prison in the She-Hulk trailer is run by the DODC. Also, side-side note, how did they get from the US to Pakistan so quickly?

My favorite part of this episode has to be the chase through Karachi. I really enjoyed getting a chase through a market as Kamala continues to learn how to use her powers. I am really looking forward to seeing how this show finishes.

4.5/5 Hard Light Constructs ⚡️

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