MCU Review: Ms. Marvel – Episode 5

Credit: Marvel Studios

by Miller C. Lashbrook

Episode five of Ms. Marvel is all about filling in the gaps in the backstory of Kamala’s family and the partition of 1945. This episode clocks in at only 40 minutes and it shows. Unfortunately, this episode feels like it ends too soon like there is more that we should know before heading into the finale next week. On the other hand, however, this episode gives us a look into the beautiful story of Kamala’s great-grandparents. This episode is a mixed bag of what the show has done best and what the show has done wrong, but I am very hopeful for a great finale.


This episode answers some questions but really still leaves more unanswered like: how does the bangle work? What is the Noor? Why can Kamran use similar powers now without a bangle? Where is the second bangle? Did the bangle let Kamala time travel?

There are just so many questions still left unanswered that cannot be answered in a 40-50 minute finale where Kamala needs to go help Kamran and Bruno not be arrested by the DODC. I almost wish that Karachi, the Red Daggers, and the history of Kamala’s family were the primary story of season two so that the first season could focus on developing the ClanDestine, Jersey City, Kamala’s family, and the DODC. Usually, it seems like the Disney+ shows have not had enough to do in the middle of the season, but it seems like this show has had too much to do in the middle.

In terms of what I did enjoy with the episode, I enjoyed seeing a beautiful historical fiction story of a family during the Partition of India and Pakistan. I also have throughout the series loved seeing the relationship between Kamala and her mother develop and grow. Lastly, I liked that at the end of the episode the plot allows Kamala to figure out some things about the Noor and her powers on her own, rather than be told things by others. Both the Red Daggers in episode four and the ClanDestine in episode three exposition dumped for the audience and Kamala, but at the end of this episode, Kamala discovers what happens as the rip in reality forms. We as the audience are not told how things work, but rather we see it.

I will be very interested to see what drives Kamala into the story of the Marvels since her powers and backstory do not seem to tie in with Carol or Monica’s stories so far.

I am excited for the finale of Ms. Marvel, and I have really been enjoying this show, but I have to admit, this week’s episode did disappoint me.

3/5 Hard Light Constructs ⚡️

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