MCU: 5 Hopes for Thor 5

Credit: Marvel Comics

by Miller C. Lashbrook

Now that I have seen Thor: Love and Thunder twice and reviewed it, I wanted to think about my hopes for the next Thor film while my mind is thinking about him. This post does contain spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder. In this blog post today, I will share 5 Hopes for Thor 5. These are based on where things end with Thor: Love and Thunder, but also some things that I have seen in the comics that I have enjoyed.

  1. Give Valkyrie a Name – This is a small hope, that I was hoping would happen in Love and Thunder, but we need a name for Valkyrie. Valkyrie is a title that multiple characters can have, for instance in the comics the primary Valkyrie superhero has been Brunhilda. I think this is mostly only something that bothers me because having the MCU character Valkyrie not use a name will make it harder to bring in other Valkyrie characters, for instance down the line once we have mutants, I would love to see the story of New Mutant, Dani Moonstar becoming a Valkyrie.
  2. More of the Nine Realms – In the Thor comics one of the things that makes them unique from other “cosmic” comics, is the presence of the fantasy elements like the Nine Realms. With Sif being back and Axl taking on the role of Heimdall, the pieces are in place to get back to the fantasy elements of Thor. I would love to see more of the Light and Dark elves, the giants, the dwarfs, etc. This also sort of ties into my next wish…
  3. Bring back Malekith – I want to see the comic book, sorcerer Malekith. He is such an important part, the main antagonist in fact, of the bulk of Jason Aaron’s run on the Thor comics. I think he could be recast, but Christopher Eccleston, who played him in Thor: The Dark World, has the chops to play him still. Now that Loki is off in his own corner of the MCU with the TVA, I think Malekith is the perfect magic foe for Thor and company.
  4. Thor vs. Hercules – Based on the mid-credits scene of Love and Thunder, a good chunk of the next Thor outing will most likely follow Hercules and Thor fighting. I hope that this fight becomes a team-up to fight a bigger threat in a true comic book fashion. I also hope that Hercules gives us more of an idea into the Olympians and clarification as to the difference between true Olympians and the Eternals.
  5. Don’t let Gorr’s kid become the “annoying kid” trope – Now that we have Thor fostering “Love” or Gorr’s daughter, my biggest hope is that they will write her, not as an annoying kid character that is seen in movies often, but as a genuine god kid character that we want to route for and see grow.

Feel free to share your hopes for Thor 5 in the comments below!

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