MCU: 5 Hopes for Thor 5

by Miller C. Lashbrook Now that I have seen Thor: Love and Thunder twice and reviewed it, I wanted to think about my hopes for the next Thor film while my mind is thinking about him. This post does contain spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder. In this blog post today, I will share 5Continue reading “MCU: 5 Hopes for Thor 5”

MCU Review: Thor: Love & Thunder

by Miller C. Lashbrook Thor: Love and Thunder is a fun, hilarious, and heartwarming Thor adventure that is a wonderful follow-up to Thor: Ragnarök. This movie is another great entry in phase four that continues the trend of expanding this characters corner of the Marvel universe, while also redefining the character for this new eraContinue reading “MCU Review: Thor: Love & Thunder”

MCU: Thor: Love & Thunder Predictions

by Miller C. Lashbrook Tonight my fiancĂ© and I will be seeing Thor: Love & Thunder and I thought that it would be fun to share my five main predictions for the film. Tomorrow when I share my review of the film New Asgard is Established – My first prediction for the film is thatContinue reading “MCU: Thor: Love & Thunder Predictions”