TV Review: House of the Dragon – Episode 5

Credit: HBO

by Miller C. Lashbrook

THIS is television! This show just keeps topping itself each week, and this is the politicking matching the best of Game of Thrones. Weddings are obviously special in this franchise, and in this episode, the… “Gold Wedding”… lives up to the standard set by the Red and Purple weddings.


Like great fantasy content, this show is using shifting perspectives so well to simultaneously make us hate and love characters, to understand and not understand characters, and to scream at the TV when characters make the wrong play. As a queer character I wanted to route for Laenor and Joffrey, but they made the wrong move by trying to ally/blackmail Ser Criston. I love that this show is setting up our key dancers of the Dance of Dragons in about half the time it took to establish the players in the Game of Thrones.

Let me bring attention to the fact that this show has had several women directing and writing, who are kicking ass! They are doing the most and I need to see them working elsewhere in Hollywood and in other franchises, because they have stories to tell and voices to share.

I really just want to applaud this show for approaching genre television like literature, using subtlety, symbolism, and acting to tell a character-driven political drama series that oozes world-building. My hope is that this week we see this approach to Science Fiction in Andor.

5/5 Dragon Eggs 🥚

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