Star Wars Review: Andor – Episodes 1-4

by Miller C. Lashbrook

So, you probably noticed that this review is coming a week after Andor‘s three-episode Disney+ premiere. This is partially due to the fact that I wanted to talk about the show on the podcast this past weekend, but also because, as I said on the podcast, I didn’t really enjoy all of the premiere. Episode 4, however, has really turned me around on the show. Episode 1 opens in a great way, episode 3 ends in an awesome way, but episode 4 really shows what this show is about: the politics of the Empire and Rebellion. If you enjoy political intrigue, watch up to episode four and I think you will be please.


I have to tip my hat to the production design for this show. You can tell that this series was filmed on location for the exterior scenes, between the entire town that was built for the first three episodes or the scene landscapes in episode four, this show has the looks of a top-tier streaming series.

In terms of acting, the whole cast is doing the most, but specifically Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, Stellan Skarsgard as Luthen Rael, Kyle Soller as Syril Karn, Denise Gough as Dedra Meero, and Genevieve O’Rielly as Mon Mothma are killing it. Syril Karn is instantly a character that I want to see succeed and become a rebel, there is just something about him that I like. I cannot believe that Genevieve O-Rielly started playing Mon Mothma in deleted scenes of Revenge of the Sith, because her acting is fantastic in episode four. I will be really intrigued to see how this show follows the narrative of the fractured Rebel Alliance slowly joining together to become a single entity.

Episode four seemingly makes reference to both Solo and Star Wars: Rebels, with planets like Ryloth being referenced, so I will also be interested to see how things connect to the larger rebel narrative already established during this era by the films and shows.

So far, things are not perfect, but the production, acting, and intrigue are going to keep me coming back week to week.

Episode 1: 3.5/5 Droids 🤖

Episode 2: 2/5 Droids 🤖

Episode 3: 3.5/5 Droids 🤖

Episode 4: 4/5 Droids 🤖

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