Netflix’s Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review

by Miller C. Lashbrook WOW. In true genre content fashion, the sophomore outing for Umbrella Academy seems to top it self over and over. Klaus has the perfect line to sum up season 2 when he says, “is it just me or did we all get sexier in the last three years?” Spoilers ahead. TheContinue reading “Netflix’s Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review”

Netflix’s Umbrella Academy Season 1 Review

by Miller C. Lashbrook With the sophomore season of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy premiering on the service on Friday, my partner and I realized that we had some catching up to do, neither of us having seen the first season yet. Spoilers ahead! Some speculative fiction content tries to pull from its inspiration and in theContinue reading “Netflix’s Umbrella Academy Season 1 Review”

Netflix’s Hollywood Review

by Miller C. Lashbrook I may be late to the party, but after seeing the 2020 Emmy nominations this week, my partner and I knew that we needed to watch Hollywood. So, here are my thoughts on the show. Spoilers ahead! The first idea that came to mind after finishing the show was actually theContinue reading “Netflix’s Hollywood Review”