Weekly Writing Update: July 22nd, 2022

by Miller C. Lashbrook

This week was a big week. I started the week with a creative Monday. I started a new short story and did a final revision of my short film script. In the middle of the week, I spent most of my time getting ready for yesterday. Yesterday we filmed the short film. So, just like that pre-production and production are over and we are now in post-production.

This was my first time doing any independent film work. The experience of filming was fun, overwhelming, and eye-opening all the time. My co-director and I went into this wanting to learn a lot and we sure did. I know the next two months I will continue to learn a lot as we edit, too. As a writer, it was also really interesting to see my words come to life as the actors spoke them into existence. There were some lines that we realized did not work as well, then others that we realized were gonna be great.

This coming week is my last full week of my summer break from teaching, so I am hoping that I can have another productive week for writing and filmmaking.

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