TV Review: Westworld Season 3

Credit: HBO

by Miller C. Lashbrook

So, of course, I am behind the eight-ball on this one. Season 4 has aired six of its eight episodes as I write this review. Most people online who review content do not go back to old content once it has passed, but I wanted to write a review of this season since I do plan to review Season 4 as it wraps. Now, I did not miss the Westworld season three train the first time around. I actually watched the first two seasons a few months before season three aired and then I watched the first three episodes of season three as they came out, but I stopped. I was very much turned off by the absence of the park in season three, so I checked out. However, the past month as season four has been airing, I have only heard great things about the show, so, I thought I would give season three another try. This time around I enjoyed it much more knowing what to expect. Now that I have gotten my backstory with the season out of the way, here are my spoiler thoughts.


This season was all about taking the questions of sentience and free will that were posed in seasons one and two using the hosts and flipping it back on humans and how our world with algorithms and the internet approaches free will. One of the creators of Westworld is Johnathan Nolan, brother of famous director Christopher Nolan. If we were to compare the first three seasons of Westworld to his brother’s movies, I would say that season one is like the Dark Knight Trilogy, season two is like Inception, and season three is like Tenet. Season three is very intellectually, and tonally very distinct from seasons one and two.

This season is really about breaking down free will and choice. The plot of the multiple Deloreses, the Incite A.I., and Maeve’s self-actualization all play into the free will as a theme. The show really puts forth the idea that choice is key for free will to truly exist, but poses the question that perceived choice is not the same as true choice. There are very few characters in this season that return from the previous season, so it feels like a separate thing. That combined with the absence of the theme park makes for a disconnect from the previous seasons.

Thematically and tonally this season worked. The world-building and production design are as always top notch on this show, with amazing on-location scenes. The acting is amazing and the characters are so interesting to get to know. This season overall though, did not quite work as part of the larger story of Westworld. Now, I have started season four and so far it is amazing, so I would say that it is worth it to watch season three to make it to season four.

3.5/5 Host Pearls 🤖

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