TV Review: House of the Dragon – Episode 1

by Miller C. Lashbrook Wow! In the first few minutes alone, House of the Dragon sends us right back to Westeros like we never left. I know many were apprehensive to tune in because of the mixed finale season of Game of Thrones, but this world is just too good not to come back to.Continue reading “TV Review: House of the Dragon – Episode 1”

TV Review: Westworld Season 4

by Miller C. Lashbrook Westworld has had a tough time finding its voice and purpose after leaving the theme park setting. Season 3 and 4 both have similar issues of brushing up against what I loved about the show so much, but then straying away from it. The first half of this season was excitingContinue reading “TV Review: Westworld Season 4”

MCU Review: I am Groot

by Miller C. Lashbrook This is going to be a quick review, but I am Groot on Disney+. This set of 5 shorts is absolutely charming and funny. This was exactly what I was expecting from this show and it was a great treat to have waiting for me at the end of the firstContinue reading “MCU Review: I am Groot”

Movie Review: Lightyear

by Miller C. Lashbrook Lightyear is a way better movie than people shared upon its release. It is a shame that this movie did not get more attention. I can see Andy sitting in the movie theater watching this very 90’s feeling science fiction/action film and wanting to get the toy after, thinking that whileContinue reading “Movie Review: Lightyear”

TV Review: Westworld Season 3

by Miller C. Lashbrook So, of course, I am behind the eight-ball on this one. Season 4 has aired six of its eight episodes as I write this review. Most people online who review content do not go back to old content once it has passed, but I wanted to write a review of thisContinue reading “TV Review: Westworld Season 3”

Comic Review: Carnage (2016) #1-16 by Gerry Conway

By Miller C. Lashbrook This series was such a pleasant surprise. I have never been a big Venom or Carnage fan when they are not in a Spider-Man story. However, I wanted to read this series because I know it set up some things in Absolute Carnage. This series is a thrilling combination of PredatorContinue reading “Comic Review: Carnage (2016) #1-16 by Gerry Conway”

TV Review: Under the Banner of Heaven

by Miller C. Lashbrook I have gotten very behind on watching all of the dramas getting attention this year, but after seeing that Andrew Garfield was nominated for an Emmy for Under the Banner of Heaven, I knew I had to check it out. This show is an acting vehicle, with the crime really servingContinue reading “TV Review: Under the Banner of Heaven”

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves – Trailer Reaction

by Miller C. Lashbrook San Diego Comic-Con is officially underway and we are getting news already. Today in conjunction with a panel, Paramount Pictures released the first official trailer for the upcoming movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (found below). I thought that I would share my thoughts on the trailer. Full disclosure beforeContinue reading “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves – Trailer Reaction”

MCU: Top 5 Predictions for Marvel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022

by Miller C. Lashbrook San Diego Comic-Con is this week, July 20-24. The convention begins this evening in San Diego and concludes on Sunday. Throughout the week at various booths and panels, entertainment companies will use this flagship fandom event to make announcements and drop trailers. One company known for its Comic-Con presentations is MarvelContinue reading “MCU: Top 5 Predictions for Marvel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022”

MCU: Thoughts on Ms. Marvel being a mutant.

by Miller C. Lashbrook On Thursday, I attempted to unpack all that we learned about Ms. Marvel’s powers in her series in my blog post: MCU: What is going on with Ms. Marvel’s Powers? In this blog post, I am going to share more of my thoughts on the origin of her powers in theContinue reading “MCU: Thoughts on Ms. Marvel being a mutant.”