Adventures from the Fae Wild – Chapter 1: Exposition

by Miller C. Lashbrook I thought that a fun series of posts could be to talk about the silly adventures that my friends and I go on while playing Dungeons and Dragons. Let me begin with my journey playing the game first. I have always been a board and card game person since I wasContinue reading “Adventures from the Fae Wild – Chapter 1: Exposition”

Netflix’s Hollywood Review

by Miller C. Lashbrook I may be late to the party, but after seeing the 2020 Emmy nominations this week, my partner and I knew that we needed to watch Hollywood. So, here are my thoughts on the show. Spoilers ahead! The first idea that came to mind after finishing the show was actually theContinue reading “Netflix’s Hollywood Review”

Weekly Writing Update: July 31 2020

by Miller C. Lashbrook This week has marked a new chapter in my writing journey. For a couple years now I have been sitting on a manuscript for a novel that I have been avoiding revising and edits. I knew that there were many things that I wanted to change from the initial finished draft.Continue reading “Weekly Writing Update: July 31 2020”

Introducing Pop Culture Fae

by Miller C. Lashbrook Hello, and welcome to Pop Culture Fae. You have found my own little corner of the internet. Pop Culture Fae will be a place where entertainment and art can be discussed through the context of LGBTQ+ nerdom. I will also have updates on my journey as a writer. As entertainment becomesContinue reading “Introducing Pop Culture Fae”